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okay, so, I won't be able to do the flash in open canvas. However, it's still getting done via Flash to the best of my ability, and should be up soon. I've posted the first part of the soundtrack, however at thee current time, it's still awaiting approval seeing as it's my first musical submission. It should be approved within the next day or so, seeing as I submitted it yesterday. Anyway, that's about all I have to give you for now.

If any of you are interested in a voice acting job for this flash, check here for possible roles, and PM me if you want to audition:

That is all.



2008-03-19 19:12:11 by K-Lynnette

Yep. So, I just joined this place, and anybody who's stubled across my page probably wonders why I have nothing to show for my presence here. WELL. I will soon, no worries. By the way, I forgot to mention: You guys can call me Kay. My main base of operations is Deviantart. [Yeah, that's right, Deviantart. ] So yeah, if you're even on this page, keep an eye out in the future for a flash I'm doing with a good friend. When it's uploaded, if you find that it doesn't look very 'flashy', that's because I'll be doing all the character animations and special effects in Open Canvas, while that good friend of mine does backgrounds. 8) That's pretty much the kind of work you should expect fromt his account, cuz I like my cartoons to look more pro, yep. Uhm, THAT IS ALL. I won't ramble as nobody here even likes me yet, so yeah XD haha